Audio / Video

What: Series of video's for Bauli Canada's social media accounts
When: 2016 - 2017
Role: Concept development, videography, and editing
Goal: Shareable, attention getting videos, to raise brand awareness on a shoestring budget.

What: Talking head interview with a noted beekeeper
When: 2016
Role: Videography and editing
Goal: Add interest to the interview with clip transitions relevant to the theme. Establish branding for the youtube channel through a closing sequence that encourages more video views.

What: Audio documentary
When: 2006
Role: Audio recording / editing, interviewer
Goal: Create a piece, in the spirit of Glen Gould's 'The idea of North', that would weave together stories from diverse perspectives, and in doing so, attempt to capture the complexity of a unique situation.

What: Audio documentary
When: 2006
Role: Audio recording / editor, interviewer
Goal: A promotional piece created for Youth Challenge International's booth at the Toronto HIV/AIDS conference in 2006. Intended to give potential recruits some insight into what participating in a YCI project is like.